jueves, 23 de octubre de 2008

Will have done

1. I will have finished this book by the end of next week.

2. My parents will have been married for 33 years next year.

3. I will see you at 8.00. The class will have finished at 7.30.

Will be doing

1. At this time on Saturday morning I will be sleeping.

2. Next year, in October I will be teaching in a school.

3. Every day she gets up at seven o'clock and starts work at eight o'clock. Tomorrow she will be working at half past nine.

Be going to

1. He's going to be late.

2. We are going to have a holiday.

3. What are you going to wear tonight to the party?

4. He's going to fall down.


1. I don't think I'll go out tomorrow night.

2. Shall I open the door?

3. I'll probably be home late tonight.

4. What time shall I phone you?

6. Where shall we go on holiday?

Present tenses for the future (Present Simple)

1. What time does your Enghish class start this afternoon?

2. My English class starts at 18.00 and finishes at 20.00.

3. Tomorrow I finish work at six o'clock in the afternoon.

Present tenses for the future (Present Continuous)

1. - What are you doing on Friday morning?
- I'm going to university.

2. Maria is getting married next week.

viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

For and Since

1. John has worked in Paris for ten years.

2. They haven't had a holiday for ten years.

3. I haven't seen Eloisa since Tuesday.

Used to

1. I used to go to the cinema every week when I was young.

2. Indira used to visit me when she came to Ibiza.

3. We used to live in the city centre, but now we live in the village of Sant Jordi.

Past Perfect Continuous

1. I'd been walking along the road for about ten minutes when a car suddenly stopped just behind me.

2. We'd been playing basketball for about half an hour when it started to rain a lot.

3. Peter had been waiting to me for a long time, because I arrived late.

Past Perfect

1. I didn't know who she was. I'd never seen her before.

2. My friends hadn't cleaned their house for weeks.

3. When my parents arrived, my friends had already gone.

Present Perfect Continuous.

1. How long have you been studying?

2. My mother has been working at the store for ten years.

3. I have been swimming in the sea for an hour.

Present Perfect

1. I have been in Asturias many times.

2. My brother has passed his entry exam.

3. I've repaired the TV. It's working OK now.

Past continuous

1. I was sleeping in my bed when the phone rang.

2. Marta was doing her homeworks when her best friend came to pick her up.

3. Manuel was writing a book dedicated to his wife.

Past Simple

1. Peter and Mary were very happy when their son arrived.

2. Last night I went to the cinema with my boyfriend.

3. Yesterday I ate lentils in my grandmother's house, and they were very nice.

Present Continuous

1. I'm studying in Ibiza last year of my degree.

2. I'm having a shower and the phone is ringing. Someone can answer?

3. I'm writing on my blog as every week.

Present Simple

- Today I'm very tired that's why I will not whatch TV as I do every night.

- I think that my dog does not like the feed.

- My cousin lives in Madrid with his parents and his brother.

jueves, 9 de octubre de 2008

The first link on my blog!

This is the first link from my blog that I found very interesting and fun for children. I hope you like...

English for little childrens



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